Delicious dinner!

We were in the mood to make a nice dinner and decided on fresh chicken breast with a garlic aioli and sides of baked sweet potato ‘fries’ and sautéed kale & cherry tomatoes. Inspired by a local culinary destination, we had originally planned to pair the aioli with the sweet potato fries, but it turned out to go well with the chicken as well.

The aioli was made according to this recipe, and turned out to be quite tasty and not too difficult. Essentially you just throw an egg and some lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper in a food processor and puree. The tricky part is to create a really successful aioli, you have to create an emulsionThis is accomplished by slowly adding olive oil to the other ingredients as they are pureed in the food processor.

Anyway, in this first attempt, I’m not sure how successful I was in creating a good emulsion. The final product wound up being a good bit thinner than expected. I’ve read that using two egg yolks (without the whites) rather than a single whole egg can help solve this problem, so I will try that next time.

<bsing science>

I think this solution makes sense because it is the egg yolk–and not the white–that is the actual emulsifier (since it contains the emulsifying agent lecithin). The egg white, by contrast, is mostly water and lacks emulsifying agents.

</bsing science>

In any case, here are the pictures.

Ingredients pre-blend:


Post-blend/emulsifying (?):


You can get a better sense of the thickness from a picture later on.

For the chicken I just did a simple sauté kind of thing (essentially this).  I used a rolling pin to tenderize the chicken breasts before cooking:


Seasoned and cookin’ in the pan:




I think the chicken turned out fairly well–not too dry and relatively flavorful.

The kale/tomato/parmesean sauté (or variations) has been featured on this blog before, as have the sweet potato sticks, so I won’t talk much about these. But here are some pictures:



And the final product all together:


Note the thin aioli. It was more of a sauce-like consistency rather than a mayo-like consistency, as intended. Regardless, it was still tasty, so it’s all good.


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